Tips for Effective Facebook Marketing

Jun 07, 2016


Everyone can create a facebook page for their business. But to make it effective it requires some skills of facebook marketing. So, I am going to discuss about the few techniques and tips for effective facebook marketing.
Keeping creative freshness

In this globalized world rolling around with the same message or pictures over and over again can even lead to negative feedback which can result to hiding post or unlike the page. It should be kept in mind that it’s easy to unlike the page as easy it is to like the page Research shows out that with creative rotation technique it increases click through rates (CTR).

Raise the right kind of questions

Facebook as an excellent platform provides two way communication where vital queries can be done by audience. Before launching a product ask fans what they think about it. This gives them sense of involvement in the business. The questions asked must be interesting and entertaining. There is right and wrong way to ask questions when done right it increases the participation of the fans.

Run a social event

Everyone wants a chance to win whatever the competition is about. Social events can be of a photo contests, a video contests or sweepstakes where people simply have to enter their name and email to win. Hopefully it will increase the involvement of the fans and also share with their friends even it have its pros & cons.

Stick on topic

Fans who like your page expect you to post related to your business or industry. Posts out of topic can lead fans to less interested and result to unlike action. Beside it is a must to update the post frequently which shows that you care for it.

Measurement should be done to analyze the effectiveness of Facebook marketing.