Revolution through Social Media in field of Marketing

Jun 07, 2016
Social Media
Marketing is the process of communicating or delivering the value of the product to the potential customers in form of AIDA (Attraction, Interest arousal, Desire and ultimately Action.) Marketing is the function that acts as bridge between the business and the consumers. It is medium that connects two sides of segment in the market.

Marketing is not just about providing information but is every action that business does to attract target audience, retain customers and also maintain healthy relationship. It can involve greetings through email, providing lunch session and so on.

Social media is a virtual world where people connect to each other to create, share and exchange ideas and information. It can be Face book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and so on. Media is an instrument or medium for announcement which can be summed up as social instrument/medium in this globalized world.

Marketing and social media seems to be different but in this globalized world fusion was eventually done for the purpose of effective marketing. Remaining the definition of marketing consistent social media is being used. Social media acting as medium which is inexpensive and easiest way to target demographic audience market gave most powerful customer engagement platform for business. Now social media has been integral part of marketing.

Talking about pros in comparison to other marketing media we can pin point following things

Without taking physical space in society it can attract customers.

TVC, hoarding board, news, magazine and websites is just source for the information about the company termed as one-way communication and if we take a look at social media continuous interaction in real time is found between customers and business i.e. two way communication.

  • Building Brand Awareness flowing brand related topics.
  • Can reach to large number of audience
  • Drive more traffics in website and blog
  • Implement marketing strategies with low barriers of entry
  • It has been part of life

We can find various social media and above all facebook seems to be largest social network which has currently 1400 million users in world and 3.4 million users in country Nepal which is still increasing in geometric progression each year.

In our country Nepal still importance to social media advertising (Facebook) is not given. Leaving few companies others tend to focus on gathering army of fans and only make crowd but fail to convert the existing fans into brand advocates. Most of them simply post photo or message in news feed rather than focusing on making interactive. As a result they tend to hide the page posts. Time has come for all to make efficient and effective marketing strategy which involves social media marketing.

Likewise in management course it only covers small portion i.e. e-commerce but considering above scenario it seems essential to include about social media marketing and be responsive enough.