“Marketing is an investment which assures return in future”

Jun 07, 2016

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Marketing can be done of anything either for the commercial purpose or for non-commercial purpose. But right now we will be focusing on goods or services that are sold on market for profit motive.
Often marketing is viewed in two different ways by the business organization. It’s either viewed as “Investment” or “Expenditure”. One viewing as an investment need not be educated about the marketing concept. Marketers just need to introduce their marketing strategy & tools and platform that will be used for marketing and remaining decision depends upon their choice. And one viewing as an expenditure needs to be educated about marketing and their benefits. Here comes the challenge for the marketers to convince that marketing is an investment instead of expenditure.

Recently scope for marketing is booming in Nepal. Few years earlier only the corporate companies and few big organizations were marketing for their products and services. Now we can find separate marketing department in the organization. With change in time, concept of marketing is becoming strong within Nepalese organization. Still the marketing concept is not at optimum point in Nepal but looking at present scenario it will be definitely in future.

Business owners usually see the figure in numbers they will be investing in marketing; they often fail to see in big picture. Investing in marketing will help to generate revenue and meet the expenses of the business and turn to profit running organization. Yes we cannot measure how much return is provided but we can definitely see the difference in the revenue before and after the marketing is being used.

For an example which is of real experience Nandik which sells electronic gadget once promoted it’s product of Rs. 2,000 on facebook. Marketing investment was Nrs. 1000 only for six day. You won’t believe within in 6 days there were demand of 12 deliveries and for each sales there was profit of Rs 500 each. Finally total profit was Rs 6000 within 6 days. So investing 1000 gave you return of 500%. Now this scenario clearly depicts that surely marketing can be termed as investment rather than expenditure.

Business owners should also have a clear conscience that just investing randomly in marketing will not provide you return. There are various tools of marketing where the owner must choose it rationally such that marketing investment yields return. Marketing must be done at the right time in the right place to the right people. For example can we hear or see the advertisement of Umbrella in winter season? Of course not.

In conclusion Marketing can be investment which will assure return you in future if done at the right time, at the right place and to the right people.